VoIP Phone System For Business

VoIP for Business

For a low per-user price, Full Spectrum Computer Services delivers VoIP-based Fortune-500 PBX features with Polycom or other leading phones as your only hardware investment. Here is just a partial list of the enterprise features you can benefit from with a hosted telephone service:

  • Keep your local telephone numbersvoip
  • Powerful Enterprise Features
  • Auto-Attendant and Custom Prompts
  • Unlimited calling in Canada and the US
  • Time-Based Call Routing
  • Call Park/Pickup and Hold Options
  • Advanced Voicemail to email
  • Dramatically Lower Cost
  • Easy Setup, Just plug and Play
  • No other equipment or software is needed

Companies of any size to achieve a great business phone system with a full suite of PBX features offered. Moreover, communication through hosted VoIP enables mobile workers to stay in touch while working from remote locations. Your business has sales or support staff you can easily setup a call queue and route calls to the staff that is best qualified to quickly answer your customer’s questions. If you need an after-hours attendant that routed to a mobile employee on-call, that’s easy with the click of the mouse.

With our cloud-based service, you have the ability to page a group, transfer a call to someone’s voicemail, connect 10 people to a conference bridge, or listen to your messages on your smartphone.

Is Your Phone Bill Out of Control?

voipAre you ready to move forward quickly? If so, call us or contact us and our sales engineers will quickly get back to you with a formal proposal.


Get your Telephone Service in the Cloudvoip for business

Business executives can unplug your phone, fly to your beach house, plug back in. Even use a softphone to stay in contact with your office and clients. You’ve just moved your office. For the fraction of standard business line prices, an FSCS VoIP PBX Line delivers more features and scalability options that cater directly to small business.