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Hard Drive Data Recovery in Oshawa

With breakthrough tech companies and educational organizations, Oshawa has one of the most diverse, dynamic economies in Canada fueled by life sciences, communications, cleantech, software industries, and many manufacturers.


Since 2013, Durham Region businesses and individuals have trusted Full Spectrum Computer Services because of our advanced technology and data repair utilities.


We routinely recover data from damaged hard drives, RAID storage, inaccessible Android devices and even iPhones, tablets and other devices. Full Spectrum Computer Services delivers what other data technology providers can’t. We are your Oshawa, ON data recovery company.


Having issues getting your hard drive, flash drive, or USB drive data? Full Spectrum Computer Services provides Oshawa data recovery services including, but not limited to:


Desktop Hard Drive Recovery

Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

Plugged in but not reading

Clicking or Dropping

External Hard Drive Recovery

USB Flash Drive Recovery

Broken USB

SD Card Recovery


We provide data retrieval for the following devices

External hard drives, laptop or desktop hard drives, USB and SD Flash drive, NAS, RAID, and servers.


Recovery services cover lost or corrupted files and hard drive boot problems at a fraction of the cost that many other companies want their customers to pay.


Hard drive data recovery services at some companies can cost a minimum of $500 to upwards of $1,500 for the same service because of the use of unnecessary and expensive equipment.

Accidentally Delete Files?

When you accidentally delete a folder of family photos, misplace last year’s QuickBooks files or wipe your drive clean, there’s a solution.


At Full Spectrum Computer Services, there is no upfront charge. Our data recovery process is designed to minimize your downtime, provide you with a flat rate repair cost, and always keep you informed about your service status.


The fees are determined by the storage device’s physical or logical problem, the time and expertise needed and the nature of the failure. We always attempt simple and cost-effective approaches before attempting more involved procedures


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data recovery services | Full Spectrum Computer Services