Computer Installation & Data Transfer

Computer Installation & Data Transfer

So you finally have a shiny, new computer? Here's how Full Spectrum Computer Services can help you protect and get the most enjoyment from your new baby! We perform the following services as part of our New Computer Installation & Data Transfer:

  • Transfer all your data to the new computer
  • Install antivirus software
  • Perform security and software updates
  • Setup and configure your Internet & Email
  • Install and configure all your programs
  • Get your printers, scanners, and other devices working
  • Get rid of OEM-packaged bloatware
Computer Installation

Most new computers need a tune-up straight out of the box

Sadly most computers need a tune-up right away due to the common industry practice of saddling them with advertising bloat, trial software, and OEM bundled garbage. Typical OEM bundled software does nothing more than providing an "easier" or fancier way or doing things that Windows can already do very well on its own. This is especially true of OEM branded laptop software such as Wireless Connection and Power Management "assistants". If your new computer has more than 8 icons in the system tray it needs a tune-up to minimize boot times and free up wasted memory.

What We Can Fix

  • Virus / Malware / Spyware
  • Slow Computer
  • E-Mail ProblemsIncrease WiFi Signal
  • Computer Not Starting
  • Network Problems
  • Internet Issues
  • Error Messages
  • Windows Server Problems
  • Computer Shut Downs


What We Can Build

  • Business Networks
  • Wireless Networking
  • New Computer Setup
  • E-mail, Contact & Calendar Syncing
  • Smart Phone / iPhone Setup
  • Cable Cutting
  • Windows Networking
  • Network Security Systems
  • Work From Home Solutions