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Why Is It Important to Constantly Update Antivirus Software?

It is important to constantly update the anti-virus software on a computer because computers are regularly threatened by new viruses. The anti-virus updates contain the latest files needed to combat new viruses and protect your computer. Updating Signature Files Signature files contain the latest list and behavior of known viruses. Anti-virus programs release signature file […]

Corporate Network Safety

Take a look at our Corporate Network Safety list and see if any of these best practices for cyber security have gotten lost as you consider security planning this year: Monitor Applications with Access to Data Applications are great. They give your business the tools it needs to function and be productive. But they also put […]

Has Your Browser Been Hijacked

Has Your Browser Been Hijacked As you browse the internet are you seeing endless pop-ups with offers of 800 numbers for technical support and more?  Your browser may have been hijacked. Sophisticated malware now has the ability to recognize the type of page you are visiting, hijack your browser and serve you related pop-up ads. […]

Cleaning A Dirty PC

There are many reasons you should routinely clean, as in literally sweep out and dust your computer. There are a couple of really good reasons you should do this and they all have to do with heat. Heat is hard on electronics and when hair and dust collect on your computer’s internals, it essentially blankets […]