Remote Management

Remote Management

• Receive phone and email notifications when critical alerts occur
• Create a custom application, performance, or event log monitors
• Monitors require no custom configuration
• Server metrics find “specific” not “general” problems
• Best Practice Resolutions provided for each Backup Monitor

Backup Services

• Backups marked successful or failed
• Failed backups include FSCS’s Best Practice Resolutions
• Backups monitored per Server
• Backup reporting available in Client Executive Report
• Legacy monitor for Veritas backup software Remote Monitoring


• 24×7 phone calls for critical alert families
• 24×7 email notification for any alert
• Alert grouping and classification

Device Monitoring

• Device availability monitored
• SNMP network devices have 7 additional monitors applied
• Compatible with most SNMP printers and UPS’
• Advanced reporting for select network devices

Mail Monitoring

• Ensures that exchange email servers are correctly processing emails
• Round trip analytics identify and track slow email processing

Executive Reports

• On-demand executive summary reports
• Monthly executive summary reports
• Monthly executive details reports


• Queue-level based ticketing system
• Multiple work-flows based on service level
• FSCS Remote Monitoring integration; FSCS’s effort, your line-items

Remote Control

• Centralized management
• Short release cycle for updates and enhancements
• Granular Security
• Easy-to-use interface
• Safe and secure remote connections
• No additional costs for client remote connections
• Integrated into your End Client Portal

Agent Technology

• Low resource usage
• Bundled installation
• FSCS Remote Monitoring Agent Deployment tool can do a single push or can schedule agent installations as new systems become available
• Preventative maintenance tasks run in low priority mode
• Jobs can be scheduled after hours

Asset & Inventory

• Summary executive reports available on-demand
• Download your asset and inventory data and run your own reports
• Server overview trending reports show which processes may have caused problems
• Asset change reports can help identify systems that have been tampered with
• Over a dozen prefabricated reports
• Report builder for custom hardware reports

Security Patches

• White-listing patch service by FSCS’s Back Office
• Automatic Microsoft Security Patch deployment
• Schedule any Microsoft patch, service patch or software update through FSCS’s Patch deployment or job deployment engines
• Weekly patch assessments and reporting
• Software to automatically troubleshoot failed patches

Anti-Virus Software

• Desktop antivirus at below market additional cost
• Discounted server antivirus licenses
• Affordable Enterprise solution
• Webroot SecureAnywhere includes both antivirus and antispyware protection

Anti-Virus Management

• All major antivirus vendors supported
• Checks run every four hours
• Prefabricated Antivirus Status Report created
• Antivirus status overviews available on the Remote Monitoring Dashboard and Quick Access