Remote Management

Our Remote Management includes monitors that are automatically applied to your servers based on their configuration. Filtering hundreds of server alerts, researching issues, troubleshooting and fixing problems can be daunting. However, server downtime has a high associated cost, especially when an organization’s productivity is affected. Remote Monitoring and Management can relieve the pressure.

Remote Management Highlights

• Receive phone call and email notifications when critical alerts occur
• Create custom application, performance, or event log monitors
• Monitors require no custom configuration
• Server metrics find “specific” not “general” problems
• Best Practice Resolutions provided for each Backup Monitor

Remote Management
Prevent downtime with Full Spectrum Computer Services remote management solutions.

Backup Services

FSCS can troubleshoot and resolve backup problems under Proactive Server Care or Remote Server Care. If there is an issue with the physical media, a ticket will be raised.
For FSCS’s Business Continuity Solution, we can troubleshoot and resolve backup problems, virtualization errors, operating system issues, or other software failures at any service level. Backup services are “always monitored.” Servers backing up to the FSCS cloud can be under multiple service options. Under Proactive Server Care or Remote Server Care, we can provide the highest level of remote monitoring and resolution with full access to the backups and servers. In most cases, we only need to involve your team when an on-site issue occurs.

• Backups marked successful or failed
• Failed backups include FSCS’s Best Practice Resolutions
• Backups monitored per Server
• Backup reporting available in Client Executive Report
• Legacy monitor for backup software

Notification Management

Custom configure email notifications based on alert family and time of day. Choose to receive notifications immediately as alerts are created or after the alert has been analyzed by FSCS’s Back Office. FSCS Remote Management partners can also opt to receive email or phone notifications for alerts.

• 24×7 phone calls for critical alert families
• 24×7 email notification for any alert
• Alert grouping and classification

Device Monitoring

Setup monitoring for SNMP network devices: Printers, UPS’, Firewalls, and Routers. Simplify network device management through a single Management Portal interface. Provided at no additional charge from any Server installation, network device monitoring includes device availability checks and reporting statistics. This is a cost-efficient, value-add for nearly any client network.

• Device availability monitored by FSCS’s Data Center
• SNMP network devices have seven additional monitors applied
• Compatible with most SNMP printers and UPS’
• Advanced reporting for select network devices

Mail Transaction Monitoring

Enhance your email monitoring by opting into FSCS’s Email Transaction Monitoring. Additionally, FSCS will send, on your configured schedule, emails to your client Exchange Email Servers. The email’s round trip is then analyzed by FSCS for specific transaction alerts.

• Ensures that exchange email servers are correctly processing emails
• Round trip analytics identify and track slow email processing

Agent Technology

The FSCS agent leaves a small footprint and operates behind the scenes. FSCS’s lightweight agent technology makes managing and monitoring hundreds or thousands of systems easy. No on-site management device is required. No additional hardware or bandwidth costs are incurred. Deploy FSCS’s agents within your client’s current setup. The data is reported back to our Datacenter. Easily manage all devices from our Centralized Management Portals.

• Low resource usage
• Bundled installation
• FSCS Remote Agent Deployment tool can do a single push or can schedule agent installations as new systems become available
• Preventative maintenance tasks run in low priority mode
• Jobs can be scheduled after hours

Executive Reports

Monthly high-level site overview reports provide network health scoring. Successful client relationships rely on the ability to continuously show value and worth. FSCS’s Remote Management monthly executive reports provide different reporting options depending on the C-Level relationship. Our high-level report includes a network score based on common network metrics for the month. Our detailed report breaks down every system at the site for the month.

• On-demand executive summary reports
• Monthly executive summary reports
• Monthly executive details reports

Integrated Ticketing

Use the integrated ticketing system to communicate with FSCS Remote Management or between your technicians. Ticketing is the best way to capture line-item tasks for invoices. It also allows you to send and respond to tickets inside your organization.

• Queue-level based ticketing system
• Multiple work-flows based on service level
• FSCS RMM integration; FSCS’s effort, your line-items

Remote Control

Take remote control of your servers, desktops and laptops directly with Splashtop or RDP, a powerful and secure remote connection tool. Available in the FSCS Portal, technicians can seamlessly connect to desktops and servers.  FSCS Remote Management includes remote control software with each agent license. Single click and take remote control from the hosted management portal.

• Centralized management
• Short release cycle for updates and enhancements
• Granular Security
• Easy-to-use interface
• Safe and secure remote connections
• No additional costs for client remote connections
• Integrated into your End Client Portal

Asset & Inventory

Remote Management gives you on-demand access to hardware and software inventory and asset change reports is available. Download all asset and inventory data and then design custom reports. No matter how many physical or virtual locks are placed on computer hardware or software, viruses, spyware, and users will find a way to surpass protection systems. You need to know what software is out there, installed intentionally or unintentionally, and what are their current hardware specifications.

• Summary executive reports available on-demand
• Download your asset and inventory data and run your own reports
• Server overview trending reports show which processes may have caused problems
• Asset change reports can help identify systems that have been tampered with
• Over a dozen prefabricated reports
• Report builder for custom hardware reports

Patch Management

Configure, deploy and view all Microsoft patches. Automatically scan and deploy Microsoft Security patches. Nearly the foundation of the IT Industry, or at least the cause of many service opportunities, Microsoft patching has become a critical and time-consuming task. While automatic updates simplify patch deployment, patches are not always reliable.

• White-listing patch service by FSCS’s Back Office
• Automatic Microsoft Security Patch deployment
• Schedule any Microsoft patch, service patch or software update through FSCS’s Patch deployment or job deployment engines
• Weekly patch assessments and reporting
• Software to automatically troubleshoot failed patches

Anti-Virus Software

Endpoint security is no longer an optional add-on in today’s IT ecosystem. That’s why Webroot is suggested for each desktop. While virus threats get a lot of media attention, spyware can be just as destructive – and can take even longer for support technicians to resolve. FSCS has partnered with Webroot to provide our Partners with the Webroot SecureAnywhere product.

• Desktop antivirus at below market additional cost
• Discounted server antivirus licenses
• Affordable Enterprise solution
• Webroot SecureAnywhere includes both antivirus and antispyware protection

Anti-Virus Management

Remote Management includes scheduled anti-virus installation checks and definition updates for over 40 anti-virus applications are available. Our agents ensure that antivirus software is properly installed and verify that the latest antivirus definition files have been updated and applied.

• All major antivirus vendors supported
• Checks run every four hours
• Prefabricated Antivirus Status Report created
• Antivirus status overviews available on the Dashboard and Quick Access

Remote Management
24 Hour A Day Remote Management. Never Go Down With Full Spectrum Computer Services’ Remote Monitoring