Free Network Audit

Free Network Audit

Since most executives are increasingly caught up with “running their business” it is common for the IT infrastructure to fall behind. If it isn’t broken don’t touch it right? At FSCS we understand the realities that small businesses face in maintaining their Information Technology, that’s why we’ve created our Free Network Audit!

Free Network Audit
Let Our Experts Give Your Network A Free Check-up

FSCS is available to perform a comprehensive audit of your IT Infrastructure including Desktop Computers, Applications, Servers, Hosting, Security, Backup, Licensing, Vendor Contracts and even your telephone system. Our process includes completing an IT questionnaire, an initial meeting, and a hands-on assessment of your environment. We then prepare a report packed with recommendations on how to save money, repair problems, and resolve risks.

Full Spectrum Computer Service audit reports are a great way to identify risks and cost savings in addition to building annual and long-term plans for IT improvements.

Free Network Audit Services Include:

Network Support Specialist
Put Our Years Of Experience To Work For You- FREE!
  • Comprehensive review of technology
  • Employee Desktop Computers
  • Applications and licensing
  • Email Hosting and Internet Access
  • Vendor Contracts and Costs
  • Cloud Storage and Backup
  • Backup and Security
  • Servers and Desktops
  • Networking Equipment
  • Phone Systems and Telephony
  • Cellular Phones and/or Tablets, Plans – Android, Blackberry, Apple
  • Human Resources

Free Network Audit Process

  • First step is that we would like to meet with you to gain an understanding of any concerns or requirements you may have.
  • If you are comfortable with us installing a small piece of software on each computer, this can normally be done from the server without any interruption to the end user.
  • Our software will then gather the required data, enabling us to create a simple report to give you an overview of your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Once we have this data, we will arrange another meeting with you to discuss our findings.
  • When we have completed the audit we will uninstall our software from your network

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