Computer Optimization

Computer Optimization

Computer Optimization
Computer Optimization Makes Old Computers Like New

Why a Computer Optimization?  After time your PC will start to run slower and slower. This is normal for computers because as they are used they build up clutter like extra programs running that you do not need and junk files laying around the computer. Each Operating System updates is a “patch” which actually makes your computer a little slower.  After the hundreds of updates they put out, your computer will take more time to start up and operate.

As a result your computer may seem to be painfully slow sometimes, maybe you want it like it used to be? Our technicians are trained to recognize problems in computer speed and also how to fix them.

  • Computer Optimization
    Computer Optimization and Emergency Repair Is Available 7 Days A Week

    You may be faced with a larger issue, like a failing hard drive (which holds all your data), or a virus or spyware infection.  This is what we do with an PC Tune-Up:

  • On desktop computers, we dust out the desktop chamber.   We also do a visual inspection of the motherboard for bulging capacitors, which is the sign of imminent failure (of the motherboard, not the user).
  • Checking Memory Usage
  • Checking Hard Drive space to make sure less than 90%.
  • Stop unnecessary startup items, clean registry, and look for small errors
  • Removing unnecessary icons from the desktop
  • Checking for music sharing programs like Limewire, and uTorrent.  These are illegal but teenagers constantly use them.
  • Checking that your firewall is working properly
  • Checking for Critical Windows Updates from Microsoft, and driver updates, and installing them.  (usually 2+ hours)
  • Double-checking that System Restore is working so you can turn your computer back in time if you needed this.
  • Update all plug ins to the latest version

If your computer has crashed, you have software problems with the operating system, or need computer help connecting an external device, Full Spectrum Computer Services can help. We are experts in troubleshooting system errors and configuring new devices. Give us a call today at 289.634.7353 or fill out the contact form.