Worry-Free IT Lets You Focus On Your Business

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Managed Services

Managed Services, Worry-Free IT
Worry-Free IT, Remote Monitoring & Managed Services

FSCS has been outsourced IT departments for over a decade. With remote monitoring we supply industry-leading proactive care to prevent IT failures within the facilities we support.  Worry-Free IT Managed Services gives you the critical technical support you need to maximize your network’s speed, performance, and stability, without the expense of a full-time IT staff, and for a flat monthly cost.

Business Benefits

Avoid expensive repairs and recovery costs. We monitor and maintain your systems proactively, saving you money by preventing expensive network disasters from ever happening in the first place.

Faster performance, fewer computer problems, and little downtime. Sounds great, right? How do we do it? By performing preventative maintenance and network monitoring, FSCS can detect potential problems early and prevent them from escalating into more expensive repairs and downtime.

Just like having an in-house IT department without the costs. And we’re nicer, easier to understand, and more accessible, too!

Eliminate travel fees and receive faster support. Remote access allows us to repair most network problems right from our office. And if we have to come onsite, you aren’t charged a travel fee.

One monthly rate helps you easily budget your IT support.

Incredible peace of mind. When you run a business, you already have enough to worry about. We’ll make sure your network runs smoothly so you don’t have to worry about it…that’s why we call it “Worry-Free IT.” Your stuff just works.

Dedicated ‘Virtual CIO.’ Every business needs a Backup Disaster and Recovery Plan, someone to coordinate with vendors, make sure you purchasing the right hardware and software, and manage/audit your Network Security. You’ve got it with Worry-Free IT.

Worry-Free IT

Your responsive and personable team of Service Desk Engineers, Network Administrators, Senior Engineers, Project Architects, and Technical Account Managers share a common belief: transparency, professionalism, communication, and reliability build trust and a long-term, positive relationship.

Planning and Follow-up

As frequently as you request we meet with you and present network assessments, optimization and security audits, priorities, and proactive recommendations to ensure your IT infrastructure is aligned with best industry practices. This minimizes downtime, creates a more secure and compliant environment, and turns technology into a strategic asset.

Where We Fit In

Reduce Infrastructure and IT Costs with Worry-Free Managed Services. A network support team of hundreds making sure your business never stops.  You can have all this for less than the cost of one IT support technician.  Reliability – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No more IT staff that you pay but can never find.